Natural Ways To Stay In Shape During The Holidays

Natural Ways To Stay In Shape During The Holidays

Nov 10th 2018

Looking back at the year and everything that has happened in it, you'll admit that you deserve a little applause for all the deals you've sealed and the new grounds you've broken. All these would probably not have been possible if you did not put in as much effort as you did. Oh, wait! You probably deserve more than applause. Maybe it's time to pack up your bag and go for a much needed holiday.

What other better way can you think of to unwind? You know, having the type of holiday that you've always fantasized about may further help you become stronger and healthier to tackle new challenges. Talking about being healthier, how do you maintain perfect shape while enjoying your holiday?

Let's talk about some natural ways to stay in shape while on holidays. These steps are easy and very practical:

1. Go Down on Carbs, Until Evening

This one is popular and simple, right? It's a basic diet rule - cut down fat until evening. You're on holiday, and there's always the temptation to just eat everything that comes your way, but don't - it's a big trap. Try to make the majority of your daytime meals low in carbs, of course with a sizable number of fats. This carb backloading will help keep you in a ketosis state throughout the day. When this is done, you'll be able to run off fat. With this, you can also go lots of hours between meals, which is good when you're not home.

2. Go Higher On Fat Diets

It's not just about dropping carbs. It's the consumption of healthy fat that balances it up. Go on with eating fats. It will be nice to have up to 80% of your calories come from fat. However, you want to watch out for excess protein by keeping up with saturated fat. Stop all the unnecessary worry about fat making you fatter; there's no truth in that.

3. Walk as Much as Possible

You've always heard that one of the best exercise you can subject your body to is walking. Combining enough walking with a perfect low carb/high fat diet should be the magic you seek to significantly lower your body fat level. As much as possible, choose the option to walk - it's not just a free mode of transportation, but it helps keep you slim and healthy.

4. Prioritize Sleep

Yes. You read that well. As often as possible, get good sleep. Come on, it's a holiday - put off the PC once in a while and just sleep well. We've seen a lot of people shun sleep during holidays because they are trying to handle a zillion things at once. But there's really no need to sacrifice sleep, especially since most of the time, your wellbeing may depend on how well you can get enough sleep.

5. Take Supplements

Finally, this option is irreplaceable if you must stay fit throughout your holiday. Supplements do a great job in helping you optimize performance and health. Obviously, they work as 'supplement' to your diet, providing opportunity for you to achieve a healthy diet that's complete. Of course it's difficult to get healthy foods that you can trust during travels and this is where supplements come in to help you balance up. A basic traveling stack contains quite a lot, and we'll recommend that you look at our Slim Time Weight Loss Supplements for some of the best supplement options that promotes perfect health and fitness.

There you have it fam, a list of things you should either drop or prioritize as you plan your all important holiday. I assure you, it's definitely going to be fun staying healthy.

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