Detox , Body Cleanse Pointers / Suggestions

Hello and Thank you for your interest in our detox, body cleanse products. Our products support the removal of weed metabolites and related chemicals from one’s system.
Below are important detox pointers and suggestions that people follow to do a thorough cleanse to remove unwanted chemicals from one's system.

Our proprietary formula's been in use for many years by numerous new and repeat customers in the U.S, Canada, Australia and Europe who are pleased with our products.

Unlike many detox products on the market, there are no special diets to follow and or no recommended workout routines necessary when using our products.
When doing a detox body cleanse it's important to Avoid Weed,Tobacco products, Alcohol, Beer, Wine, Caffeinated beverages, Vapes and/ or the taking non-prescription drugs 48 hours prior to and during and after a cleanse is completed. Re-exposure to any chemicals that you want flushed from your system will cause those chemicals to show up back in your system.

Drink plenty of water and or non-carbonated juice beverages before, during and after the cleanse. Regardless of what some companies say, there is no permanent body cleanse product. Detox products do not block chemicals from entering a person's system. They support the removal of unwanted chemicals from one's system. Because re-exposure is very common, we've found Peak clean time is 45 minutes to 5 hours after cleanse is completed. Exposure in Any Way to THC within 24 - 48 hours (48 hours or more recommended) before a cleanse is started and during and after a cleanse, including 2nd hand smoke can re-introduce the chemicals you do a cleanse for back into your system. Because of the above, the "peak clean time" that many people choose is shortly after a cleanse has been completed so re-exposure to the chemicals will be less likely. Urinating 2 to 3 times before your chosen clean time within the peak clean time will help flush THC and related chemicals from your system.
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